Arates Waterfall

Turn left at the entrance of LucyTour. Walk to the first of two bridges. When you reach the bridge take the asphalt road to the left. Stay on this road for 20 minutes until you reach the second bridge. The waterfall, with its cold water and impressive cascade, is on the right side of the second bridge in a deep gorge which is invisible from the bridge and road. The sound of the waterfall will help you find your way. The shortest path to the falls is the path through the small valley. 

To get to the pools under the falls, turn right at the second bridge. Find the easiest path down to the river. The narrow trail along the river bank leads you to the falls lowest pool which is excellent for swimming. In the lowest pool there is an iron ladder that will assist you to reach the fall;s upper pool by going through a narrow passageway.

Duration: 2 hour.
One-way distance: 1,1km.
Technical challenge: 2/5 uphill on asphalt road, very rare traffic.
Physical challenge: 2/5
Starting Point, LucyTour: N 39*52.776, E 045*25.946; 1712 meters elevation
Ending Point: N 39*53.263, E 045*26.255; 1779 meters elevation