Discover Vayots Dzor


1-day tours with 8 or 17 seater minibusses, start and end at LucyTour


“Creation Continuity”

» Breakfast at LucyTour.
» Coach to Areni: Birthplace of Armenian wine-making traditions.
» Areni-1 (Birds) Cave.
» Gorge of Gnishik.
» Noravanq (10-14th century church).
» Momik Museum.
» Mid-day meal at Noravanq canteen.
» History Museum of Gladzor University in Vernashen Village.
» Ethnographic museum of Yeghegnadzor.
» Supper and overnight at LucyTour.


“Gorge of Yeghegis, Hidden in the Mountains”

» Breakfast at LucyTour
» Coach to Yeghegis Village: Ancestral shrine of Orbelyan Rulers.
» Visit 13th-century Jewish cemetery.;
» Zorats Temple: 14th century monument with unique structure.
» Walking Tour from Yeghegis Village to Smbataberd fortress (1 hour).
» Optional: Walking Tour to Caxac Khar 10-13th century Monastery (2 hours) or the ancient settlement excavations of Hostun.
» Mid-day meal with a village family in Artabuynq Village.
» Arates: ruins of a magnificent medieval monument.
» Supper and overnight at LucyTour.

“Symphony of Human and Nature”

» Breakfast at LucyTour.
» Coach to Jermuk, the mountainous resort town.
» Mid-day meal in Jermuk.
» Walking Tour from Gndevaz Village to Gndevanq.
» The picturesque Arpa River gorge: Symphony of Basalt columns.
» Visit to fishpond.
» Bezoar goats observatory in Village Shatin.
» Supper and overnight at LucyTour.

“Old and New Syunik”

» Breakfast at LucyTour.
» Coach to Syunik Region.
» Karahunj (Stones of hosts) ancient observatory.
» “Wings of Tatev” aerial tramway.
» Tatev Monastry.
» Mid-day meal in Tatev Village.
» Panorama of Goris.
» Old Khndzoresk cave dwellings.
» Supper and overnight at LucyTour.

“Along the Silk Road”

» Breakfast at LucyTour.
» Walking Tour to Shativanq, “Injured witness” 10th-century ruins. It was reconstructed in the 17th century by the famous merchant Jacob Jughayetsi.
» Ruins of medieval caravanserai of Aghnjadzor.
» Destroyed bridges, Silk Road witnesses.
» Selim medieval caravanserai.
» Patron of caravanserai, Chesar Orbelyan’s Palace in Hors Village.
» Mid-day meal in the Restaurant on the Yeghegis riverside.
» Medieval bridge (13 century) on Arpa River in Agarakadzor Village.
» Old Martiros Village on the Silk Road.
» Optional: Walking Tour to Vimapor.
» Supper and overnight at LucyTour.

In addition: Local guide can join your group (15.000 AMD per day)