Goghtanik Waterfall and Cave

To get to the cave turn right at the entrance of LucyTour and walk about 200m through Hermon village. As you reach the bridge, make a left and walk along the Yeghegis River for about 2.1km. Once you approach the second bridge, look to the left. The cave is about 85m above the river. From the cave there is wonderful scenery of the Yeghegis valley below. There are 5 chambers formed in the cave. The largest is about 9m deep. Inside the cave are traces of ibexes and eagles as well as other birds and animals.
Climbing down from the cave, once you reach the road, go left along the river for another 1.3km to reach the waterfall. To approach the waterfall, climb down the hill and walk along the narrow path of the river bank,along the rocks. The waterfall is about 12m high and it is possible to swim in the pool.

Duration: 4 hours
One-way distance: 3.8 km.
Technical challenge. 3/5,rock falls, some climbing, hard bushes and shrubs
Physical challenge. 3/5, a short, but steep
Starting Point, LucyTour: N 39*52.776, E 045*25.946; 1712 meters elevation
Cave: N 39*52.752, E 045*27.120; 1823 meters elevation
Ending point: Waterfall: N 39*52.704, E 045*27. 848; 1753 meters elevation