Kalasar fortress ruins

The Kalasar fortress ruins are located above Hermon village. Walk to the dirt road that is clearly visible behind the LucyTour’s outdoor Bar area. This road takes you to an abandoned village above Hermon. Once you reach the abandoned village, you will need to hike slightly above it to reach the final ascent to the fortress.

There are two approaches you can take. The first approach is on the left side of the fortress and involves rock climbing. The second approach is on the right side of the fortress and it involves going through a forest, which can be thick at times.
The fortress is located at the peak of the mountain, though you will see remnants of walls and living quarters prior to reaching the peak. We believe Kalasar fortress is older than Smbataberd fortress (9th-10th century) because of the absence of cement used between the rocks in the walls. The peak of Kalasar fortress has a 360 degree commanding view of the Yeghegis valley. From the peak, we have on occasion seen endangered Armenian brown bear and mountain goats.
There are no marked trails to Kalasar fortress. We suggest that you ask our staff to show you the fortress with a telescope to get well oriented before attempting the hike or ask for one of our guides to lead you on your hike. 

Duration: 4,5 hour.
One-way distance: 2,1 km
Technical challenge: 3/5
Physical challenge: 4/5
Starting Point, LucyTour: N 39*52.776, E 045*25.946; 1712 Meters elevation
Ending Point: Kalasar fortress ruins: N 39*53.206, E 045*24.889; 2102 Meters elevation