Smbataberd – Tsaghats Qar

Getting to Smbataberd, exit LucyTour and turn right toward the village Hermon and continue on the main road to the village Yeghegis. To save your strength and time for hiking, our vehicles can take you to the village Yeghegis or Artabuynq from which you can begin your hike.
First option: From the village Yeghegis, walk the main road away from village Yeghegis. Look for the footpath on your right. Smbataberd should be visible at the top of the hill. Just follow the footpath up the hill.
Second option: From the village Artabuynq, pass through the village Artabuynq. At the edge of the village, cross over the river using the iron bridge. There will be a footpath to your right where you will climb up the northern part of the hill. Smbataberd will be visible at the top of the hill. This option is a longer hike, but the assent is easier. 
We advise you to hike up to Smbataberd using the first option, through the village Yeghegis, and return down the hill through the village Artabuynq. 
If you have time, you may want to visit the church Tsaghats Qar, which is visible on the opposite mountain. To get to the church, go down from Smbataberd on the right. You will pass through a large glade and then assend up the opposite hill from Smbataberd. To return to Smbataberd, retrace your steps back down the hill and through the glade.* Duration: from Yeghegis to Smbataberd is 1 hour. From Artabuynq is 1 hour 30minutes.
* Distance: from Yeghegis to Smbataberd is 2.7km, from Artabuynq is 3.6km.
* Alternative ways. To make the hiking shorter you can visit only Smbataberd.
* Technical challenge: 2/5 dirt road to Tsaghats Qar easy-passable, to Smbataberd; partially steep uphill path.
* Physical challenge: 3/5.
* Starting point: “LucyTour” N 39*52.776, E 045*25.946; 1712m altitude.
* Altitude. Yeghegis is 1532m, Smbataberd is 1950m, Artabuynq is 1502m, Tsaghatsqar is 2078m.
* Tsaghats Qar: N 39*53.419, E 045*21.231; 2078m altitude.

Smbataberd,  Tsaghats Qar