The Stella Trail

 The Stella trail is a short (approximately 1 hour round trip), but strenuous climb with a rewarding view at the top and a fascinating formation of natural stellae. The trail begins across the road from LucyTours entrance and finishes on the ridge overlooking the hotel to the north and the Yeghegis river valley to the south. The trail is only 0.5km to reach the stellae at the end of the ridge, but requires a 120 meter elevation ascent. As of August 2012, the trail is only partially completed. For the rest of the hike, be prepared to scramble over rock falls and through brush. As you pass through the rockfalls, lookout for ancient walls and the remnants of a stone home and hearth.Near the summit, keep to the left to find a cross on the peak or go right to the stellae.

Duration: 1,5 hour.
* One way distance: 0,5km.
* Technical challenge: 3/5 rockfalls, some scrambling and rock climbing.
* Physical challenge: 3/5 short, but steep
* Starting Point, LucyTour: N 39*52.776, E 045*25.946; 1712 meters elevation
* Physical challenge: 3/5 short, but steep